7 Best Data Enrichment Tools and Its Benefits

By Bulk Mail Verifier | 11/9/2023, 9:19:22 PM

Data enrichment is stated as a set of procedures to upgrade, refine, and improve raw information to change it into a significant resource for the business. It is advantageous for you if you have additional details of the client to enhance the sales for your business.

This process includes amending mistakes, adding more data to information tables, and changing information into formats like diagrams, graphs, tables, etc. It can be shared among key partners and extrapolated information to create more value from the existing informational set and so on.

In short, data enrichment guarantees you can profit from the information you have. It is the thing that changes information into intelligence.


data enrichment is profoundly valuable for your entire marketing and sales funnels. It gives you more space for activity, maintains a strategic distance from poor targeting, enhances conversions, etc. Undoubtedly, data enrichment is instrumental in organizational development and achievement. The following are some advantages of this process that organizations can appreciate.


If you want your advertising campaigns to progress nicely and yield more outcomes, you must have customized and targeted campaigns and promotional endeavors that can interface with the crowd well. However, data enrichment services are an unquestionable requirement for running targeted campaigns. It will guarantee your information is segmented according to profile/geography and so on and will make your information increasingly relevant. Moreover, the more relevant your information, the more powerful and applicable you will be. You will be driving a more prominent ROI for the business.


The procedure of data enrichment includes not only extra/missing information to the database but also cleaning/erasing copies of old data, resulting in a database that is more accurate, precise, and updated. Current and updated can then effectively be changed over into the ideal format and dispersed to authorities and partners for decision-making and so forth. With an exact and final informational index, you can design increasingly viable campaigns, methodologies, and choices.


Rates at which information becomes outdated these days are developing at an extraordinary rate. Data is utilized in presentations, growth trends, research discoveries, and sales projections. It is necessary to have information that is right, accurate, and updated. Having an exercise to clean and refine existing data typically will guarantee that your CRM will have loyal figures that the executives can access anytime.


Data enrichment directly affects your ROI. It improves and refines your current leads by including more info and erasing incorrect/wrong data, thereby making it increasingly complete and exact. You would then be able to utilize this database to run email marketing campaigns or targeted promotions on Facebook. Having increasingly accurate and relevant information will increase your transformation rates.


Improving leads manually is an incredibly tedious task, in some cases unrealizable at all. That is the reason for picking a decent data enrichment service is fundamental. Here are some of your choices:


You just need to compose the individual’s name and area, and then the channel will scrutinize many sites and networks to give you the complete profile on a lead.


This API lets you completely incorporate the Snov.io service into your foundation and get full lead profiles dependent on only email addresses. The feature tools will look through the Snov.io database and give all accessible data on the email address.


Incorporate InsideView into your CRM platform and get the point-by-point profiles of your leads. The service is speedy and easy to explore. They likewise offer other data enrichment services like subscription forms.


Salesgenie is a groomed channel that permits you to upload your lists of beneficiaries and improve them with inside and out profiles. The channel is entirely moderate. However, the enhancement service is accessible only in further developed plans.


Pipl is one of the most mainstream stages of information advancement. Send a request, and the tools will give the missing details on leads in your rundown: names, telephone numbers, social profiles, photographs, and so on.


Much like Clearbit, Datanyze coordinates with CRM frameworks and permits you to advance the leads’ information with firmographic and technographic details. This is an expensive tool as Datanyze offers different highlights near lead enrichment.


Clearbit is a stage for fresh and new businesses that offer information improvement close by different highlights. Give an email address or a corporate domain, and the channel will include other related information. Clearbit coordinates and works with CRMs and mediums like Salesforce, Zapier, and Marketo.


However, it is a fact that the leads are usually known as the fuel for your business. Their quality directly impacts the work of your marketing and sales department and overall profits. Spending on an excellent lead enrichment tool will permit you to:

  • Understand an individual approach to dealing with each lead
  • Segment and score lead to simpler
  • Nurture leads easily
  • Make more focused and individualized email marketing campaigns
  • Improve, generally speaking, client experience
  • Increment deals and improve ROI

Data enrichment services aren’t modest. In case you are working on a limited spending plan (or no budget), we suggest two elective methodologies:

  1. Place an excellent personalized subscription for your online site.
  2. Concentrate on your outbound. Be proactive and use lead generation tools.

So, it all depends on you that which of the above approaches you would pick, but always remember that the personalization is one of the best and most effective marketing and sales approaches.