Data Protection Policy

When you sign up to use Bulkmailverifier’s services, you agree to the terms and conditions described in our Terms of Use, anti-spam policy, and privacy policy. Please review all of these documents with care and diligence.

Data Protection Policy refers to the business or personal information Bulkmailverifier’s users share with Bulkmailverifier. For more information regarding the data that Bulkmailverifier may collect about its users, please read our privacy policy.


Bulkmailverifier’s users may share sensitive business or personal data with Bulkmailverifier using the website (, Bulkmailverifier’s API, or Bulkmailverifier’s email address. The purpose of sharing this information is email addresses verification only. This business or personal data may include but is not limited to email addresses.

Bulkmailverifier’s users may share additional business or personal information with Bulkmailverifier at their discretion. Using Bulkmailverifier’s service does not require any further information other than email addresses.

Data Handling

Bulkmailverifier does everything in its power to ensure users’ data and that data which is shared with us, is stored and handled safely.

Data Sharing

Bulkmailverifier will not offer for sale nor sell email addresses or other data shared with us. Bulkmailverifier will not collect any of the data shared with us by our users to promote any Bulkmailverifier products. Bulkmailverifier may only share data with other email verifier services to complete, maintain its services, or investigate complaints.