World’s Best Bulk Email Checker Service

By Bulk Mail Verifier | 7/22/2023, 11:22:35 AM

Bulk Mail Verifier is the world's most accessible and accurate email verification service provider. We can check all emails, including Yahoo, AOL, and Microsoft, with 99% accuracy. In addition, our industry experts have over five years of experience in email verification services.

You can now integrate your preferred email service provider with our bulk email checker to keep your email list tidy.

More Choices Better Prices

Bulk Mail Verifier offers pay-as-you-go packages with the guaranteed lowest price. In addition, we are delighted to say that we are the only one in the industry to offer unlimited email checker service for a fixed monthly cost—no hidden charges or catches.

  • Pay As You Go,
  • Unlimited Email Checker Verifier,
  • Bulk Email Verifier API,
  • Single Email Verifier,
  • Email Bounce Analyzer.

Key Features Of Bulk Email Verifier

The world’s leading bulk email checker service offers many features. We do not just verify emails but ensure you get value for money when choosing our online email checker service.

Disposable Email Detection

If you use Bulkmailverifier, it handles all one-time temporary addresses that expire after a short time. In addition, it has users with the functionality to detect disposable emails. Removing Disposable emails helps reduce the bounce rate. 

Email Verification API

Our Email Verification API performs comprehensive verification of email addresses in real-time and easily. Check email addresses for new user registrations, reduce email bounces, and block spam.

Accept-All Email Detection

You can integrate our email verification API with your web or mobile application to stop invalid emails from getting into your database. For example, in our accept-all email detection service, Bulkmailverifier configured the mail server to accept all mail sent to the domain, regardless of the existence of the specified mailbox. 

MX Record Detection

With Bulkmailverifier MX records detection service, you will receive an incoming email for that particular domain, and where email from your domain should be routed based on SMTP. Before sending an email, we check your domain’s MX records.

Syntax Validation

Our Ai Email Verifier supports and detects email servers using catchall settings. However, we do not recommend sending emails to catchall domains.

SMTP Verification

Bulkmailverifier also includes the address verification command VRFY. If you open a TCP connection to the SMTP server, the VRFY command verifies the address automatically.

Email Deduplication

Use Bulkmailverifier to remove deduplication bulk emails quickly and without errors. It will highlight, indicate, and delete duplicate emails in specified folders and preserve the original folder structure for safe undo.

Real-Time Results

All operations are performed in real time. No delays, registration, or email verification; add your data to verify your bulk email in real time.

99%+ Deliverability Guarantee

BulkMailVerifier has a 99% or better delivery guarantee to make your email marketing more effective. In addition, the software we develop ensures we deliver the most accurate results.

24/7 Support

BulkMailVerifier is the handiest tool to check or verify bulk emails. But if you still have queries about the API or software, you have our 24/7 customer support.

Why do thousands of the largest companies trust Bulk Mail Verifier for email deliverability?

  • Bulk Email Validation API
  • Unlimited Email Verifier
  • Cheapest Email Verifier

Bulk Email Checker API

Our ultra-fast, easy-integrate bulk email checker API offers unlimited email verification possibilities. Check emails in real-time or use bulk email checking to clean up entire groups. The Bulk Email Checker API makes running a list of email addresses easy. Then, upload the file to our server and get a verification request ID card.

  • Live Email Address Verification API,
  • Avoid losing contacts/flag written, inactive, non-existent, one-off, or shared errors, 
  • Remove other fields/Avoid spammer
  • Do not use a broken SMTP handshake
  • Maintain trust with email providers

Unlimited Email Verifier

Our bulk email verification tool cleans your email lists of outdated or invalid emails. Sending to unverified email lists will result in high bounce rates, and ESP will block your emails. Our service aims to maintain the high reputation of your email account by increasing the send rate of your marketing campaigns.

  • Instant Email Verification
  • No delay in the email verification
  • Unlimited credits at the lowest price
  • 99% deliverability guaranteed 

Cheapest Email Verifier

BulkMailVerifier is the cheapest bulk email verification service you can ever have. Cleaning up your email marketing list is crucial. You may have an extensive email list, but most of it is down, and if you want to check your mail server cheaply, we have the best prices. 

  • 50k Credits For $30
  • 100k Credits For $50
  • 1M Credits For $200
  • Unlimited Email Verifier $399

Why Bulk Mail Verifier?

You Can Choose Bulk Mail Verifier For Several Reasons; Our Email Verifier Is Based On AI Tech To Offer Our Users With Results That Others Can Not.

Free Email List Analyser

Our Free Email Checker service allows users to analyze their email list for free to check the expected bounce rate.

Deep Email Cleaning Service

We offer industry-standard SMTP validation to our users to ensure they get clean data with a 99% Delivery Guarantee on valid emails.

Cost Effective

Bulk email verification service offers truly 100% unlimited email verification service to its users for a fixed monthly cost.

Bulk Verifier Highest Accuracy & Lowest Prices

We pride ourselves on excellent accuracy and reasonable prices. Bulkmailverifier is perfect for companies with high-volume email verification needs.

What makes Bulkmailverifier unique is:

  • 98% Accuracy Rate,
  • Comparatively lower price
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee,

Why should you choose BulkMailVerifier?

We’ve designed our email validators/verification/checker to be as comprehensive as possible and perform validation at multiple levels: format, domain information, mail server response, and comparison to our unique database of professional email addresses.

Instant Block Analysis

Test your email data of any size. Then, we’ll let you know if it’s ready for delivery or needs cleaning.

Testing for New Users

Get free credits when you sign up. Try individual emails, bulk lists, or our API.

Great Support and Security

Never worry about support or security because we are consistently available. We’re here to help you anytime.

10 Reasons Why You Need Bulk Mail Verifier As Your Email Verifier Partner.

  1. Prevent more spending,
  2. Prevent delivery problems,
  3. Better engagement rates, statistics, and ROI,
  4. Reduce email bounce rate/Save effort in identifying rebounds,
  5. View accurate campaign information,
  6. Infrastructure redesign,
  7. Detect a temporary email address,
  8. Improves audience’s experience/engagement,
  9. Protect the reputation of the sender,
  10. Provide a reliable database for your sales teams.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an email checker service?

Email List verification is the process of removing invalid and undeliverable emails from your data. Email services providers must send emails only to valid emails. Test cleaning your old list by uploading it to our AI-based email checker.

Why is it important to validate emails regularly?

It is essential to validate email addresses regularly. Email list cleaning will help you maintain your sender reputation. Once all the invalid emails are removed, the list quality improves, and you see significant results in email campaign delivery.  It is recommended to validate email addresses every two months, but if you don't, email marketing can lead to disastrous campaign problems that take months to fix.

How much does an unlimited email verifier cost?

Bulk Mail verifier is very cost-effective. We set the lowest price possible and, at the same time, offer the best email cleaning service. We are starting from 15$ for a 50K credit to 1700$ for 2M credits and $299 for Unlimited Email Checker for a month. 

Why is it important to validate emails regularly?

You need bulk email verification services because they perform verifications in clusters to save time and manual work through API integration, allowing automatic checking of entire mailing lists to prevent wrong registrations and invalid details.

Desktop or Cloud, Which email checker is better?

Cloud is the better option than desktop because it offers multiple advantages to the users. For example, cloud email checkers don't require installation and are not limited to any platform like Windows, Linux, or Mac; remote email access is easy to update, does not use home IP addresses, and accuracy is 100%. On the other hand, desktops have storage, speed, and system limitations. 

When should I verify my email list?

You should verify the email list before contacting the recipient. Bulk Mail Verifier offers a free trial for Email Checker to all users. We believe in the try-before policy. You can only know how accurate our system is when you test it. 1500 email verification credits are on us. No credit card or bank information is required. 

Why Yahoo Valid Emails Still Bounces?

It is mainly because of the Yahoo inactive account policy, which means if the email address is inactive for 12 months, Yahoo will deactivate the account even though it belongs to a real user and is valid. Still, all emails sent to that particular email will receive a bounce-back message. 

Can You Verify Yahoo, AOL, and Microsoft Domains?

Yes, Bulk Mail verifier can verify all domains, be it Yahoo, AOL, or Microsoft; it will check, confirm, and deliver emails in real-time. 

What happens to email bounces?

When an email bounces, it doesn’t reach its intended destination for some reason. A high bounce rate means the email address is either deleted or there is a mistake. Once there is a bounce on an email, it creates a negative point against your domain and the sender's reputation. When you have a higher bounce rate, the email service providers flag the account and mark it as spam. It's the first sign that the user sending emails does not know about their emails, which is why there is a high bounce rate. 

What Are Unknow Emails?

Some email hosting companies restrict their SMTP. So when an SMTP sends a request to those servers, they go into a loop and do not respond to an SMTP handshake. That means the email is Unknown, as we can not verify the emails using an SMTP handshake. So there is a 50% chance the email might be invalid. Bulk Mail Verifier does not recommend sending emails to unknown results. 

What are disposable emails?

As the word says Disposable, these are email accounts offered online for a limited time. People use these services to create temporary emails that get deleted after some time. Users use these services to abuse other services by creating mass emails. Since there is no limit or restriction, some users use the service for privacy concerns. Suppose you get these emails into your data list. You need to clean them immediately as they ruin your reputation quickly. 

What does “catch-all” mean?

Catch-all is a specific address that receives all mail sent to the wrong email address on the server. You can specify to capture all addresses as follows: The catch-all address only works with regular SMTP servers, not proxy SMTP servers. Therefore, it will significantly increase the incoming traffic from your server. 

What is a spam trap?

It is email addresses used by ISPs and blocklist operators to identify senders who do not follow email best practices. However, these spam addresses may have been fair at one time but are now deprecated or invalid. Spam Traps are the most dangerous emails. Some email service providers use old and dormant emails as spam traps to catch and flag spammers. If you ever get a spam trap into your mail list. The effect will be really bad. Your email-sending provider might cancel your account and suspend your email sending. Your domain can get penalized and blacklisted too. So in simple terms, it is a huge risk. The best way to avoid them is to keep the email list clean.