What is Emailondeck?

By Bulk Mail Verifier | 10/3/2023, 11:55:23 AM

Emailondeck is a service that provides you with disposable emails. The brand was established to offer people who do not want to use their actual email when signing up for services. 

Emailondeck gives you a quick email that you can use to receive incoming emails, so if you want to test a service or use an email that will get deleted after a while. You can use the service. The company claims to offer email creation in 2 simple steps. 

Emailondeck can be used in many use cases. We'll talk about a few use cases below. 

Testing a service with email on deck.

You can use the email created with this service to sign up and test a service. Like a trial on a competitor's website. You can generate a random inbox that you can use to receive an email with a verification link

Most companies use a double-option system to ensure that the user types in a valid email. Emailondeck will take care of that double-opt-in part for you. 

You can also use this service to QA your own business. So let us say you have a sales team, and you would like to test how they perform when a lead is provided. You can create a random email inbox and sign up to see how they perform. 

Anonymous Buyer

Let us say that there is a website they do not have an option for guest checkout, and I do not want to give them my authentic email address. I do not want to receive any promotional emails in my inbox. So I can use Emailondeck as a solution to this. 

Furthermore, generate a disposable email account for just getting the invoice for the service. Your disposable email will be good enough to get the invoice for the goods you bought online without sharing your real identity. 


Next is privacy, most of us are concerned with our online privacy, and with growing awareness, people are more careful about sharing their personal information online. Recently, major companies have suffered data breaches. So, disposable email on a less secure website will keep your identity safe.

Avoiding Spam

According to a report, of all the emails sent in 2022, 98% of emails were spam. Disposable emails are an excellent shield against spam emails. Moreover, your email is valid for a specific time. Importantly, it is not linked to your email or identity, so you avoid all the spam emails.

Avoid Phishing

Lastly, many users have been victims of phishing emails recently. You get some link that leads you to a page that looks similar to the Facebook password rest or Paypal password change page, but that is a dummy page set up by hackers online to steal your identity and login details. You can avoid phishing emails 100% if you use a disposable email.