5 Best Free Mailchimp Templates for Your Email Marketing

By Bulk Mail Verifier | 11/3/2023, 9:44:44 PM

An email that is sent out as a source of marketing anything is considered to have valuable content. Nevertheless, these emails need to be in the correct format. Your content and details should be included in these emails in such a way that it is easily understood by the receiver, and represents your brand correctly. You are basically selling your brand through these email communications, so spend some valuable resources in making the best formats so that important information is caught.

To do so, you will only be required to dedicate a limited amount of time and money in creating templates for your email communication. With the help of MailChimp, you will have access to several free templates. Using these templates in your emails will allow you to save time and money and create efficiently designed campaigns.

The following sections explain the options that you can explore to make your emails stand out:


Before knowing about the free MailChimp templates, it's crucial that you first learn how to set up and use a template in your emails. Fortunately, doing so is genuinely straightforward.

To set up a template, all you need to do is choose "Template" from the dashboard tab.

At that point, if you haven't utilized any MailChimp email templates yet, then choose "Create Template" from the options. From here, you will need to choose from Basic or Theme Templates. Be that as it may, for the sake of this guide, you'll be required to upload the HTML code from the free templates of MailChimp that are listed here.

This can be done by selecting "Code Your Own" and "Import HTML". By doing so, you can upload the template along with its code, after which you can send an HTML email.

Now that you have understood the steps of setting up these templates, it's time to look at the free and easily accessible options that we can take advantage of.


It's essential to think about which stage of the customer journey the receiver is at before an email is sent out to them. You cannot send an email introducing your business to a customer who has followed your brand and emails for an extended period. That will make you look uninformed about your customers, bringing in a wrong impression. Furthermore, all this information may be repeated for the customer, so you will just be wasting your time, effort, and money in sending them these introductory emails.

So be careful, and only send welcome messages to a customer who has just signed up for your email communication. When doing so, consider using the services of MailBakery Zeta and browse through their catchy templates. Using these templates will allow your emails to have a clean and professional look, thus representing your brand correctly. Moreover, MailBakery Zeta also includes an editable template, timeline, and space option, allowing you to customize your testimonials according to your brand. Because of this quality, they are considered to be the best MailChimp template for introductory emails.


Regularly, marketers use email communication to promote various content, including site blogs. This is where the Colorlib Email v4 template proves to be advantageous. This functionality of the MailChimp template is free for users, and also enables you to exhibit your recent blogs in a proper flow matching to the theme of your website, so that it grabs the reader's attention. Colorlib Email v4 guarantees brand consistency and boosts the image of the brand in the mind of the reader.


People now check and browse through their mailboxes on their smartphones. Therefore, it is essential to format the emails according to the devices that customers use, because all devices require a customized and specific format. This is where MailNinja Summer templates prove to be beneficial as they assist in making a suitable format by separating the content into smaller sections of text, pictures, and design. This also helps the email verifier online to be responsive, which means it will be user-friendly, no matter the device used.


A newsletter that is received through email is unmistakably more high-tech and personalized, as compared to a regular hardcopy newsletter. There are numerous reasons why a brand may opt to market their emails as resembling more traditional marketing content. If that's your objective, then the best service for you to use is MailBakery Pi – Free HTML Email Template. This service is among the best of MailChimp's Templates designed to present a classic newsletter format.


Another responsive MailChimp template that is available for free and works reliably on smartphones is called the Salted Responsive Email Template. This template is attractive and easily understandable because it incorporates a minimal style.

This feature is crucial for several brands as they like to use minimal design for marketing their emails but emphasize the content. This is because some brands attract customers from visuals, whereas others do that through text. Visuals are attractive when variant colour schemes and designs are used, whereas text is attractive when catchy and well-written phrases and words are used. If your brand wants to rely on content, then the best service for you to use is Salted Responsive Email Templates, which will help you maintain a consistent brand identity.

Remember, the services mentioned above are just a few of the best MailChimp templates that are available for free to users. Your brand may require you to explore more developed campaigns, and for that, you may have to look at other sources. However, keep in mind that by using free or paid templates, you will still be saving a lot of time and effort for your brand, allowing you to focus on other functionalities of your business.