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By Bulk Mail Verifier | 11/3/2023, 8:19:10 PM

We can just introduce ourselves. We are a team of Entrepreneurs and email marketers who created this amazing Email Checker. Our six years of constant work and ideas have made Bulk Mail Verifier one of the best online email checkers. A simple user interface and a price that anyone can afford is our unique selling point.

Why should you invest in an email verifier? Well, there are multiple reasons why you should consider and invest your money into it if you are into email marketing or your own online business. Our advanced application, as we explained earlier, would check the email list for bounces, and we validate emails.

Our tool can take care of thousands of bulk emails, or you can use our single verification API to check just one email at a time. So you can hook our API with your website lead capture and filter and capture only the real and valid emails. No mistakes, no fake emails, or disposable emails will enter into your database.

Free Email Address Verifier Online

Do you have a massive list of email addresses to clean? You don't need to worry; you can use our simple and easy-to-use bulk email validation tool. Just so you know – all you need to do is give us the list you wish to clean, and we will do the rest. It's the best verifier online and makes your life easier.

Email Checker API?

Our API is designed to help you identify and stop invalid email data from entering into your database. A recent study shows that over 19% of the emails that came online contain typos. Our API can connect with your website or app. We support integration with all the languages.

You can also use our bulk verifier API to check the email list for bounces from your own system. It is a simple API that you can connect to using any language. You can have your own verifier service to sell it with your own brand name as well. Complete white label.

Email list cleaner – how does it even work?

Our email list checkers hold a high reputation for finding out if the email exists. Our server checks your target email MX records and finds out if it's SMTP info and if it is using any. We perform multiple checks, and in the end, we get the results if the email is valid or invalid or if it is spam or, disposable or role-based.

Valid emails are okay for you to send emails. Those invalid are not okay for sending.

List of features and activities our system performs during email verification.

  1. Emails Duplication
    1. We detect and remove duplicate emails from your list.
  2. Syntax Verifier
    1. While we remove duplicates, we also verify and delete emails with syntax errors.
  3. Domain Validation
    1. We check your domain MX records to know if the domain is real and valid.
  4. Mx Record validation
    1. We check and verify MX records of emails to know if they are connected with any SMTP.
  5. Catchall Verification
    1. We check and find out if the domain is using a catchall server.
  6. Disposable Verification
    1. Bulk Mail Verifier can also verify and separate disposable emails.
  7. Spam trap Verification
    1. One of the most challenging verifications is spam trap detection. Our email verification tool can handle that, as well.
  8. SMTP Verification
    1. After the verification of MX records, our server does a final check to make sure the email is valid and ready to receive incoming emails. We do SMTP validation and provide you with a valid email list at the end.

So, in the end, we provide you with a list that is clean and ready for your email marketing campaign.

Benefits of using us.

What do you get if you choose Bulk Mail Verifier? What do you get if you do email verification in general?

  • The email list that contains real email addresses.
  • You save money and time. You know your email campaign will not face any hard bounces.
  • Improvement in your Domain and IP reputation.


We have gathered for you some of the questions you asked questions. You can go ahead and read it through if you like. Suppose you have any questions or answers. You can always reach us using our 24/7 online chat support or via email using your online account area.

What is a "hard bounce"?

When your emails do not reach your recipient, and they send it back to you. It is technically is called a hard bounce. It could happen due to several reasons. To learn more, you can read online on our blog.

Why should you be careful about those hard bounces?

Hard bounces are a sickness. It hurts your reputation and damages your efforts for email marketing. It could also get you labelled as a spammer even if you are not one. So it would be best if you were very careful with hard bounces. Avoid them, and we say, let us get rid of them. Our email list cleaner can remove hard bounces up to 97%.

Can the "Valid emails" still bounce?

Yes, it is possible that a valid email can bounce! So why would they bounce? If your IP and domain reputation is low or your domain or IP is blocked, you can still face hard bounce. ISPs can even block your emails and return them to you.

What Do I do with invalid emails?

After checking the email delivery verification and, when you find out invalid emails, remove them. I am letting you know that those emails are useless to you. Invalid emails are useless, and you should remove them immediately from your database. Most of the email service providers charge you for the number of contacts. So, keeping them in your database only increases the cost.

How much does Email Verification Cost?

We are proud to say that our software is very competitive in terms of service and price. Our service is the cheapest in the market compared to other companies, charging you roughly $50.00 on average, For a contact list of ten thousand emails (10,000). We are charging just $5.00 for the same. Bulk Mail Verifier also offers a free trial. We want our users to try our service before they buy it. Straight and straightforward pay-as-you-go option, no monthly fees, or hidden charges. Sign up – Buy Credit – Clean your list, and that is it. We are offering Our Unlimited Email Verifier for a fixed price of $399 a month. 

What is "catchall"?

In email marketing, you might have heard accept all or catchall. Well, it is the same. Big companies in business domains enable the catchall option. It is done so that any email coming to their domain is delivered.