Economic Benefits of Email Verification for Your Business

By Bulk Mail Verifier | 9/27/2023, 11:49:14 AM

Did you know that you can reduce your bounce rate by 90% by checking your email? This can go a long way in improving email deliverability and seems like a good reason to invest time and resources into email verification. But that's not all! Email verification has many other benefits that help you get the most out of your email campaigns.

Here in this article, we will learn about the top benefits of e-mail verification, what email verifiers are, and why you should use them.

So, without further ado, let's get started with the BMV email checker!

What Is Email Verification?  

Email Checker alludes to the method of guaranteeing that a mail address is substantial and associated with an inbox. It makes a difference to expel noxious emails from your list so you can only contact people with active email addresses. There are tools to help you save time, but first, understand the benefits of checking email. Get the best cost-saving email checker with BMV.

Benefits Of Email Verification

Why is email verification important? Let's find out!

1. Reduce Bounce Rate

If there are too many bounces, your sending reputation can suffer, and it will also affect your email campaigns. Having an email verifier will help you weed out all the invalid email addresses and reduce your email bounce rate by  90%. A good email verification tool will not only check the email address in the database but also check in real time to see if the account is active or not. By increasing your email deliverability, you'll improve your sender score. It determines whether you are a trustworthy sender or a spammer. 

2. Provide Accurate Information

Once your email checker clears the mailing list, you will have a valid email address. Once you launch your email campaign, your recipient's actions will be more reliable to analyze. Sending emails to real email addresses makes any responses from recipients seem genuine.

3. Save Money

Storing email addresses and sending emails is not free. It takes money to maintain the databases and send them out. When you perform email address verification, unwanted addresses are removed from the list, and your database size is reduced. You'll also send emails to fewer people. And that translates into savings. So, this is one of the best benefits of address verification.

4. Get A Better Return On Investment

One of the benefits of email verification is that it reduces the likelihood of bounces, which increases ROI. Look at it this way: sending emails costs your business. There is a cost attached to each email. This is why even one bounced email can affect the ROI of your campaign. Bounced emails mean wasted money invested in email marketing.

5. Reduces Bounce Adjustment Effort

If you use an unverified email list for your email campaigns, bounces will start to appear. If you do things yourself, you should use a hard-bounce unsubscribe system, but when you use an email service provider, they move bad addresses to a separate list. The service provider will also take note of returns. There is often a limit set by different email service providers, and if the number of bounces exceeds this limit, you may receive a warning from the service provider. If you don't change the way your list is built and there are too many bounces in the future, the benefit supplier will ban you.

Presently, after you check your list, all problems will be solved. The email checker will remove all undeliverable addresses from the list and help you avoid any trouble. This is a huge benefit of verifying your email list and will help make your marketing strategy effective overall.

What Is A Email Verifier?

A mail verifier could be a desktop device, plugin, or SaaS item that allows merchants to verify email addresses and ensure they exist and are valid. Nowadays, most email checkers are available as online services, i.e. as plugins or SaaS, since you'll get to them from any gadget, anytime and anyplace. You just need an internet connection to use them. You also don't have to worry about updates because the developer and service provider will take care of that.

Why Should You Use An Email Checker?

As a seller or email marketer with a very old database, you are more likely to have invalid email addresses in your list. Some people still think that you can market better when you have more email addresses. Unfortunately, it's not the same anymore. This is the era of quality over quantity. Gone are the days when you could buy a large list of email addresses from unreliable sources or add e-mail addresses of people who don't want to receive your marketing emails. There are strict laws to protect email users and prevent spam. Complies with the European Union's GDPR, Canada's Anti-Spam Act, and the U.S. CAN-SPAM Act for the purpose of managing commercial email.

If you've purchased lists and added people without their consent, you need to clean up your database and remove problematic email addresses.

There can be many different reasons why an email address is not working. An invalid email address is of no use to you as a marketer or seller. Below are the most common reasons why email addresses are invalid, and to detect them, you need to use an email checker. Choose BMV's best cost-saving email checker.

Domain Name Does Not Exist

Company email addresses will become inactive upon domain closure or change. Using an email checker, you can quickly determine whether an email address is valid or belongs to a domain that doesn't exist. This will help reduce the bounce rate.

2. Change Jobs

When individuals change jobs after a period of time, their old official email address becomes inaccessible and is redirected to someone else. With e-mail verification, you can find invalid email addresses and remove them from the list.

3. Change Position

In large organizations, employees' email addresses depend on their position within the company. Email address formats are different for entry-level, mid-level, and senior-level employees. So, if a person gets promoted, their previous email address will be invalid. Therefore, it is necessary to verify email addresses before sending emails. Not doing so will increase your bounce rate. Choose BMV's best cost-saving email checker.

4. There Are Spelling And Syntax Errors

There may be errors in the email address, such as misspellings or extra spaces. These emails are invalid, and the email checker will detect them for you. 

5. Email Provider Is Dead

Your email will not reach its destination when your email provider is no longer active. Real businesses are closing, and so are email service providers. This makes the email address from the email service provider invalid. Therefore, it is essential to check the validity of the e-mail addresses you have in your email list.

How Does An Email Checker Work?

Not all email checkers work the same, but most  follow a 3-step process:

Syntax Check  

This ensures that emails don't get reopened due to errors like spaces and invalid characters.

Domain Verification 

Domain Verification checks whether the email address exists on the domain and is working properly. 

Email Ping Test

Testing emails using a ping test will determine the health status of the email. 

Which Email Addresses Should You Verify?

As you have seen why you should check your email, you can understand that email addresses can become invalid at any time. This is why you should try your best to verify your mailing list,

Some people just like to check new mailing lists they receive from unreliable sources. However, this practice will not eliminate the risk. It's also best to check the mailing lists you receive from trustworthy sources.

Additionally, you should periodically validate existing mailing lists as well as new mailing lists. This is necessary because you never know when a person will quit their job, get promoted, close its doors, or go bankrupt. So, it's better to be prepared.

What Should You Look For In An Email Verification Tool?

After knowing the importance of email verifiers and the benefits of email verification, you may be wondering what to consider before choosing one. Here's a little help. Look for the following features in Email Verifier:

1. It Must Be An Online Service

A SaaS email checker is the best choice for you because it will not use your device resources, and you can access it at any time. An active Internet connection is the only requirement.

2. It Must Be Scalable

Your tool should be able to handle large mailing lists. As a marketer, you want to check large lists in one go to save your time. So, you need to choose a tool that can meet your requirements.

3. It Must Be Compatible With Personal And Work Emails

Email verification tools should check both business and personal email addresses because you will likely use both types of emails in your list.

4. It Must Have Some Verification Mechanism

The verification mechanism of the email verifier must have many mechanisms. Choose a method that uses a variety of methods, such as domain verification, syntax checking, and email server pinging.

5. Easy Integration With Other Platforms

Typically, email verification is part of the email marketing process. So, it's better to use an email testing tool that you can easily integrate with other platforms like email creation and outreach tools. This will help you complete your tasks seamlessly. Choose BMV's best cost-saving email checker.