Avoid These Spam-Triggering Words: Boost Email Deliverability

Collection Of Spam Triggering Words That You Must Avoid

By Bulk Mail Verifeir | 11/3/2023, 9:00:53 PM

If you are an email marketer, then your biggest enemy is none other than the spam folder. It's so much frustrating when you give a lot of time to make an email, but with minor mistakes, your message will directly land in the spam folder. Your efforts were lost as the target customer has not received your message. However, the most horrible nightmare for every email marketer is to be labelled as spam. About one in every five emails gets caught in the spam filter and then moves directly to the spam folder.

Furthermore, the spam filters check for red flags like:

  1. Messages in ALL CAPS
  2. The usage of certain words
  3. Colourful and various-sized fonts
  4. Emails without an un-sub button
  5. Links to sketchy sites
  6. Broken HTML code

Certainly, the usage of specific words is very important to understand. As a good marketer, you have to know which type of content you should make for your targeted audience. What kind of information is needed, and how can you persuade them with your words? In the end, it's all about the selection of proper words. In this context, you first need to avoid using spam words, if you don't mind. Well, these kinds of words are the primary reason for your email to be labelled spam. If you want the recipient to read your email, then you must avoid these spam trigger words in your content. For this purpose, you'll need to be able to understand completely about the spamming words and what they are. Moreover, when you have completely figured out the spammy words, then it is easy for you to avoid them.


Spam trigger words or spam keywords are the phrases that email providers consider as the red flag. Usually, you can find these kinds of words in the email copy that individuals mark as spam. The spam filters grab all the suspicious phrases and words that are associated with scams, schemes, free gifts, promises, and gimmicks.

Currently, spam filters have become further developed in recent years. They won't immediately send you to spam for only saying "limited time" or "get started now" when you use those words responsibly.

The email content can drop you in a tough situation, regardless of whether your sender's reputation is pristine. It's not a mystery anymore that a group of words triggers email spam channels. These are called spam trigger words, and here, we have accumulated a new list of them.


We have gathered some of the most regularly used spam words that immediately trigger the spam filters; if you want to avoid the placement in the spam folder, then you must need to avoid these words. Let's have a look at them.

Please carefully check all the words from the above list and always try to avoid these words so that you can able to manage the spam filter trap. However, only preventing the usage of these words would not help you to get a 100% delivery rate. There are so many other factors that also trigger email spam filters.

You're not sending spam intentionally, I know, but a spam channel can grab your email before it can fall into your client's inbox. Avoid spam words and keep your deliverability high with the tips and hacks. I just wanted to say that you'll be well on your approach to avoiding spam channels.

As an entrepreneur or a marketing professional, you're putting time and assets into making a service or product your clients need, at that point, investing significantly more energy and cash on assembling excellent communications to spread the message about your organization.

However, even your best marketing is just on a par with its deliverability rate. Staying away from these trigger words won't put you at the highest point of your subscriber's mailing box. However, it can support your chances — so avoid these words and good luck with your next campaign.