A Practical Guide to Creating a Professional Email Signature And 5 Best Tools To Use

By Bulk Mail Verifier | 9/8/2023, 9:45:58 AM

A lot of people spend a lot of time crafting compelling subject lines, perfect email bodies, adding visuals, and forgetting that the ending is also important.

In email marketing, these endings are email signatures that help you get results. However, designing and creating a signature that gets results can be difficult. Many approaches need to be considered to get results.

So, in this guide, we'll walk you through the steps, best practices, and five free and paid email signature design generators for your next Email to design an effective email signature design. 

What Is An Email Signature?

Your email signature will appear at the bottom of your Email, thanking readers for their time and stating:

Personal and professional data:

Your name, occupation, title, and photo.

Contact details:

Phone number, social media buttons.

Actions you can take:

Banner or CTA.

How Is An Email Signature Different From An Email Footer?

The basic difference between email signatures and footers lies in the email sender. Email signatures are used when employees, CEOs, co-founders, or individuals send emails. Contains relevant information about a person's name and company.

What Makes a Good Email Signature?

Therefore, a good email signature design is easy to read and does not overload the recipient with too much information. You want people to turn around, so let them feel at ease. Add contact numbers and social media links. Success lies in simplicity. 

How to Design a Professional Email Signature

1. Gather information and define goals

The first thing to do when creating an email signature design is to decide what goals you want to achieve with that particular Signature.

For example, your goal might be to reach out to people or get them to register for an event. Once you decide to do this, think about the assets you want to include. These can be logos/images, links, banners, graphics, etc. 

2. Experiment with different elements to create variations

Here, experiment with different color palettes, font sizes, styles, and graphics to see which ones are the most striking and readable. This phase can be time-consuming and requires coming up with the best design to meet your goals.

3. Assembly of parts

Assemble the parts completed in the previous step. First, think about the format of your email Signature design: file size and size. The recommended file size is 100 KB, and the optimal size for the entire email signature design should be 300-600 pixels wide and 150-200 pixels high.

Another important part is arranging elements to create a visual hierarchy. This means that the most important elements should come first and take precedence. Additionally, your CTA should be recognizable and recognizable to your recipients. 

4. Review signatures and ask for feedback

After creating your Signature, you need to make sure it looks good and serves its purpose. You can ask your colleagues and friends for feedback on this. You can offer different perspectives and suggestions to make your Signature more attractive and eye-catching.

You should always test your email signature design to make sure it looks good and renders correctly before sending it. 

You can come up with creative email signature designs using email generator tools (discussed later in this guide). However, Gmail and Outlook let you create your own Signature. Gmail and Outlook are the second most popular email clients, so a professional email signature design can help.

How To Create An Email Signature Design In Gmail

To create an email signature theme in Gmail:

  1. Open your Gmail webmail.
  2. Then click Settings > Show All Settings. 
  3. Go to the Signature option. You can format your message by adding images, changing font size, style, alignment, and links as needed.
  4. When finished, click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

You'll be able to include up to 10,000 characters in your Gmail signature.  In addition, Gmail allows you to have multiple signatures in one email account.

How To Create An Email Signature Design In Outlook

Follow these steps to create an email signature design in Outlook Webmail.

  1. First, go to Settings > View All Outlook Settings at the bottom of the page.
  2. Then select Email> Compose and Reply.
  3. Add your Signature to the Email Signature Design and use the formatting options to change and modify its appearance. Notes: Only one Signature can be set per Email account.
  4. Next, you will be presented with two different options.
  5. Automatically add your Signature to new emails you compose.
  6. Automatically add your Signature to emails you forward or reply to. You can choose accordingly. 
  7. In any case, in the event that you do not select any of these alternatives, you'll physically include your signature in your chosen messages.
  8. When finished, select Save.

Don't worry if you forgot to add all the email options automatically. You can add it manually later.

1. Go to your mailbox and compose an email.

2. At that point, sort your message and select More Actions > Insert Signature at the foot of the compose zone. 

3. Select Send When the Email is Ready.

Signature without banner

When communicating with internal teams, professional Email can help you stand out from the rest. This is an email signature design template that you can clone and add to your emails.

Notify Recipients About Rebranding

Similar to this email signature design template, you can use your email signature design to let your recipients know about your brand change by adding a promotional banner.

Promote upcoming events

Signatures are a great way to advertise your upcoming event. With the event banner at the end, the Email is less promotional and provides users with a great email experience without being intrusive.

Add your portfolio link to your email signature design

If you're applying for a job or freelance job, adding a portfolio link to your Email can make a good impression on your recipients. 

Email Signature Design Best Practices

We've listed some best practices to keep in mind when designing your Signature.

Keep signatures simple and clean

It should be easy for the reader to understand and easy to remember. Don't add too many details. A signature consists of 3-5 lines.

Make your Signature responsive

Your email signature design should be responsive on devices such as mobile, desk, and desktop. Most signatures are optimized for desktop, but for mobile, make sure your campaign is 295px wide or less. Also, the Signature should take into account the maximum width of the device.  

Add a fallback version

If your email client supports HTML, it also supports email signature design. If your bit email client doesn't support HTML but does support rich text, it's important to have a fallback version. As a signature CTA, you can add compelling text that directs users to your landing page.

Add alt text when adding images

If you use the banner as his CTA, you should add compelling alt text and encourage the user to take action if the image is not displayed.

Make your social media buttons look great

To make your social buttons look great, follow these guidelines:

  1. Use a consistent file size for all social icons. 
  2. For maximum compatibility, use PNG or JPEG file formats.

Optimize Signature for Dark Mode

To make your Signature stand out in dark mode, use the following techniques:

  1. Use the email generator to generate a signature that looks good in dark mode.
  2. Optionally add an outline to the mail icon to make it stand out.
  3. Use transparent images for banners and headshots.

Test your Signature before finalizing it

Create variations based on font size, fonts, colors, CTA placement, social media links, etc., and A/B test him for your email signature design. You can then test both versions and use email analytics to see which performs better. Usually, you need to measure open and click rates.

Things To Avoid When Designing An Email Signature Theme

Here are three factors that can make your email signature design unprofessional: So avoid things like:

Inconsistent fonts and colors

Avoid too many font styles, sizes, and colors. Using different typography and bright colors can look unprofessional and unreliable. 

Avoid inspirational quotes

Adding an inspirational quote may or may not resonate with your recipient. If it doesn't fit the context, it can be useless and meaningless. So, if you want to add offers, be careful with your recipients. Otherwise, it's best to avoid such citations altogether.

Do not write your life story in your Signature.

Your Signature helps inform recipients about you and your contact options. You don't have to write all the stories of your life there. It will upset the recipient. If you would like to showcase your work, we encourage you to add her social media and portfolio links.


Terminus is one of the best-paid email signature design tools used by marketers around the world to create branded signatures. The tool has been named a leading email signature design software provider in the 2022 G2 report.

Unlike traditional email signature designs that add corporate animations, graphics, and CTAs, Termius lets you go one step further and add promotional banners to your email signature design to move recipients to action. 

Each ad banner can be personalized to increase conversion rates, and the tool can also be integrated with email systems, marketing and sales automation tools, and CRMs.

Here are some sample banner ad templates for Terminus email signature designs.

Clever Stamps

Wisestamp is another email signature design generator recognized and mentioned in his G2 report for 2022. The signature creation tool provided by Wisestamp is free, but advanced features are available with paid plans starting at $5.80/month.

Wisestamp lets you enhance your email signature design by adding YouTube links, quotes, disclaimers, image galleries, and more. In addition to ready-made templates, we also provide various ready-made email CTAs that you can add, saving you time and effort.  


Newoldstamp is the perfect email signature design management tool for midsize businesses, businesses and teams across multiple industries. Teams can create attractive email signature designs in minutes without any technical or design skills.

Plus, seamless automation and integration with Google Workspace, Exchange, and MS365 make it one of the best signature generation tools.

Email Signature

Mail Signature is a free, easy-to-use tool that lets you create creative, high-converting email signature designs. Here's a snapshot of the email signature dashboard. Choose from existing templates and email platforms, and add all the details you need, including company and personal details, CTAs, and graphics.

Additionally, it includes helpful tips and guide pages to help you craft signatures that appeal to your intended recipients.

5. Hubspot Email Signature Design Generator Tool

Among the many free tools Hubspot offers, the email signature design generator is one he can use to create beautiful and compelling signatures for emails. The tool is easy to use and provides ready-made email signature design templates to get you started.

This is a snapshot of Hubspot's email signature design generator tool. The navigation bar on the left allows you to switch between different sections.

Now, It's Time To Create An Email Signature Design.

Put what you've learned into practice to create an email signature design that impresses your recipients. Remember: Your email signature design shows who you are and what makes you special.

After all, your Signature is the last thing your recipient will see, so apart from designing your email signature, it's important to have the right email template. Check out our intelligent e-mail layout library, select from over 200 formats, include your signature, and make an enduring impression on your beneficiaries.