Top 10 Lead Providers for Explosive Business Growth

Discover Your Goldmine: Top 10 Lead Providers for Business Growth!

By Bulk Mail Verifier | 10/10/2023, 9:59:44 PM

As a business owner, you must always look for new, more effective lead-generation tools and techniques to attract leads and increase sales.

Today, 53% of enterprises claim to spend at least half their budget on lead generation. It’s no surprise—that lead generation is one of the most practical ways to build a successful customer pipeline.

However, it can be tough to attract high-quality leads and convert them into successful sales on your own; 61% of marketers admit that lead generation is their biggest challenge.

This is where professional leading companies come into play. These companies generate qualified sales leads through different strategies and tactics, helping B2B and B2C businesses attract new customer opportunities, build strong relationships with users, and ultimately create strong and stable revenue channels.

The best lead generation agencies offer a wide range of services covering the following areas:

  • Comprehensive marketing and lead generation strategy development
  • Leadership qualifications and registration
  • Internet and cold calling
  • paid advertising
  • content marketing
  • SMM (Social Media Marketing)
  • email marketing
  • Landing page optimization
  • Nurture Opportunities

As a renowned digital marketing agency providing scale lead generation services, ReVerb is confident in vetting and evaluating top partner companies. This article lists the top leading companies that are highly rated and deliver impactful results to clients of all sizes and industries.

Best lead generation companies and services that generate strong revenue


Unleash the true potential of your outreach efforts with lead generation services from the useArtemis. With a focus on accuracy and efficiency, the company offers a variety of sales and marketing tools to improve lead-generation capabilities.

With intelligent LinkedIn scraping, your agency can help you streamline the process of extracting and enriching leads from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator without manually cleaning and organizing lists, allowing you to create a a clean, Accurate prospect list.

Additionally, customizable sequences integrated with conditions enable you to reach prospects via LinkedIn and email, increasing your chances of engagement. The platform also allows you to use multiple accounts, providing a scalable communication method.

Market giants such as Coca-Cola, On Deck, Bravado, and more have seen huge benefits from useArtemis’ lead generation services. Try this fantastic lead machine with a 14-day free trial and see how using Artemis can revolutionize your lead generation process. Starting at just $49 per user per month, you get comprehensive features to maximize communication effectiveness and improve your overall business results.


SalesAR is one of the leading B2B and appointment-setting services companies dedicated to helping businesses grow and expand their reach. Since its founding in 2019, SalesAR has been at the forefront of the industry, delivering innovative and adaptable solutions that help clients stay ahead of the competition.

Their top services include B2B lead generation, appointment setting, anti-spam optimization, and lead research. The SalesAR team comprises international professionals from Ukraine, the UK, and the US, with remote staff in Slovakia, Spain, and Germany.

However, with over 250 satisfied customers, 80% of whom have continued their contracts, SalesAR’s victory speaks for itself. They can generate 200,000 high-quality leads and schedule over 20,000 appointments each month. Their experience spans over 30 industries in over 40 countries, allowing them to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes and types.

Whether you are a startup looking to build your business or an enterprise looking to expand your customer base, SalesAR will dramatically increase your business revenue.

Lead Gen Dept.

Lead Generation Department This is the perfect solution for B2B technology, SaaS, and consulting companies looking to book more meetings with mid-market to enterprise-level clients. With a 5 rating on Clutch and a track record of delivering industry-leading results, Lead Gen Dept is the best B2B lead generation company on the market.

Their unique approach to generational leadership sets them apart from the competition. They manually search for leads for maximum accuracy, manage your inbox, and book meetings in your calendar so you can focus on what you do best - growing your business.

A proven driving value framework for lead generation departments to ensure maximum results from their email marketing campaigns. With recent achievements

Their unique approach to generational leadership sets them apart from the competition. They manually search for leads for maximum accuracy, manage your inbox, and book meetings in your calendar so you can focus on what you do best - growing your business.

A proven driving value framework for lead generation departments to ensure maximum results from their email marketing campaigns. Lead Gen Dept's recent achievements include generating over 120 company leads in 24 weeks for a retail technology client. Plus, 93 enterprise leads in 10 months for a live chat SaaS. Lead Gen Dept is the company of choice for superior lead generation services among companies.


Belkin is an award-winning B2B sales leader with a highly-rated appointment-setting team that helps businesses of all categories grow with innovative marketing and sales solutions. Moreover, with a 95% retention rate, Belkins has worked with over 1,000 loyal clients, scheduled over 300,000 appointments, and achieved an astonishing 10:1 ROI.

However, their appointment-setting service is designed to launch campaigns in less than a week and help businesses close sales by ensuring their sales pipeline is ready to convert. Belkin also provides lead generation services such as demand generation, cold email outreach, LinkedIn Marketing, sales development, CRM consulting, and sales support.

The team's vision is to help businesses discover new opportunities, reach potential customers with the right message, target the right audience, and contribute to their continued growth and success. So, if you're ready to take your enterprise to the next level, you can trust Belkins to provide you with the best lead-generation experts you can hire.


Cleverly is another famous company that provides good leads to IT companies and specializes in LinkedIn marketing and advertising. Founded in 2018, the Los Angeles-based company has become a leader in LinkedIn ads, lead generation, cold email outreach, white-label lead generation, recruiting, and Google Ads management. Additionally, their team focuses on building menus and writing A/B-tested scripts.

With over 750 five-star customer reviews on Trustpilot & Clutch, Cleverly has a track record of delivering the best results for its clients. The company has won over big-name brands like Uber, PayPal, Amazon, and Google.

Furthermore, Cleverly can help you turn your LinkedIn profile into a revenue-driving machine by implementing four exclusive services: LinkedIn Profile Optimization, Lead Generation, Content and Ghostwriting, and LinkedIn Sales Strategy. Its plans start at $397/month, making it an inexpensive option for businesses of all sizes.

As one of the most trusted IT leaders, Cleverly provides 100% personalized service, personalized promotion, and proven results for B2B companies looking to increase sales, productivity, and revenue 10x on LinkedIn.


Revnew is a leading B2B company providing intelligent revenue generation services to shrink sales cycles and increase sales pipeline velocity. Founded in 2020, the company combines technology, sales, and outbound marketing to grow sales using winning frameworks, leading talent, and cutting-edge technology.

Additionally, Revnew's risk-free billing model offers no setup fees, monthly flexibility, and guaranteed results. The company covers the entire sales process, from identifying prospects to activating opportunities. Their services suit any stage of the buyer’s journey and any industry, including manufacturing, IT, finance, education, energy, CRM, and more.

By leveraging technology, outbound sales, and marketing, the company achieved sustainable conversions and shortened the sales cycle by 50%. Their approach effectively enables organizations to accelerate their sales pipeline and generate more revenue.

Unbound B2B

When discussing the best B2B lead generation services, we can’t ignore Unbound B2B. By focusing on quality and quantity, UnboundB2B ensures that its clients spend less time on invalid leads and achieve higher conversion rates.

The company's demand generation strategies and advanced lead capture capabilities help reduce sales cycles by 30%. Their technical audience is diverse, with subscribers of varying titles, positions, and seniority levels who all join the community through different channels.

It was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in San Francisco. UnboundB2B shares fantastic customer success stories, including work with Verizon, Adobe, IBM, AWS, Cohesity, Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle, and more. With a 98% customer satisfaction rating, an audience of 60 million, 120,000 leads, and 40,000 appointments, UnboundB2B has the best lead generation experts in the B2B industry, delivering 100% qualified, 100% opt-in leads.

Pearl Lemon

Pearl Lemon is an award-winning sales, content, lead generation, and SEO agency with offices in London serving clients worldwide. They provide customized SEO services to help businesses achieve better rankings for long-term results. Its comprehensive lead generation services help clients generate consistent, high-quality leads and close B2B and B2C transactions efficiently.

Pearl Lemon's lead generation experts develop and implement strategies that fit their business, increase conversion rates, and exceed expectations. Their workflow includes:

  • Identifying decision-makers at potential client companies.
  • Developing an actionable strategy based on preliminary research.
  • Making smart changes to improve ROI.

As London's leading full-service B2B agency, Pearl Lemon has some of the world's best professionals who can apply their expertise and implement proven strategies and techniques. They offer various lead generation services, including LinkedIn lead generation, cold email campaigns, cold calling, and podcast outreach.

By choosing Pearl Lemon, clients receive award-winning lead generation solutions. With a unique process that generates 119 monthly leads, Pearl Lemon helps businesses succeed in their online growth journey.

Martal Group

Martal Group is the ideal leader for B2B companies looking to scale faster and improve their sales operations. Martal Group has an experienced team of sales management professionals providing inbound and outbound lead generation services, account-based marketing, personal sales contact, and accurate B2B contact information collection. The sales-as-a-service model provides best-in-class salespeople on demand, allowing customers to skip the prospecting process and focus on closing deals.

However, over the past decade, Martal Group has generated thousands of qualified leads for its satisfied clients, including startups and Fortune 500 companies across various automotive, retail, e-commerce, IT, ad-tech, and telecom industries. Its international sales team comprises mid to senior-level B2B sales talents who are proficient in technology and culture, skilled in business, and have an intense thirst for knowledge. Martal Group provides target listings based on profiles of ideal buyers and potential markets through integrations with leading data providers and intelligence mining tools.

Fly Tech

FlyTech is a leading B2B company offering complete services to support scalable and repeatable lead growth. The company takes a unique approach, leveraging professional account management and artificial intelligence capabilities to deliver the most effective lead-generation solutions.

FlyTech provides comprehensive omnichannel customer acquisition services and creates consistent customer funnels, reaching prospects through digital channels from email to paid advertising. Plus, the team tests, measures, and scales the most profitable lead generation strategies to acquire ideal customers through paid search, direct outreach, social targeting, and channel exploration.

Startups of all sizes rely on FlyTech’s services, including Bubble, Calibrate, Quip, Via, and more. FlyTech collects, cleans, and delivers over 830 million data profiles across the most popular and niche digital channels, with an impressive target completion rate of 3% for cold outreach campaigns and a special average conversion rate of 5% across marketing channels.

In conclusion

Here are the best lead generation companies on the market, with DigiMarketingInc at the top. Leveraging our extensive experience and specialized tools, we provide the most comprehensive, results-driven lead generation services tailored to your business needs to drive growth and revenue for your company.