10 Best B2b Directories to Generate Quality Leads

By Bulk Mail Verifier | 11/3/2023, 9:49:09 PM

There is a concept in human minds that lead generation means more leads, which equals more money. In all actuality, lead generation resembles the narcissistic visitor at an evening gathering. If he is actually that thought-provoking – narcissist or not – you’ll desire to hear him out over and over again.

Well, it’s very similar in producing leads. Actually, 73 percent of B2B organizations concentrate on lead quality over lead amount. At the point when it’s an excellent opportunity to grow your lead generation process, we all have to experience the hassle of scanning for the new lead sources.

However, if you have a good budget, you can utilize AdWords or Facebook Ads to create an approaching lead flow for you. But, imagine a situation in which you need to develop your lead generation process at no expense!

Indeed, all of the B2B businesses, big or small, always have the goal of success. They are thinking about the growth of leads and always looking for ways to enhance the generation process, want to sell more, develop reliably, diversify, and become a well-known name in the business world. Thus, there is always a pursuit of progress. The race is continuously on, sometimes with organizations of a similar size and now and then with the large ones. But, without a doubt. The fight is fierce.


It is very much clear to all of you that lead generation is the procedure of generating new leads for your business. But remember that the process is different than a piece of cake. To boost the leads, it’s fundamental to make the guest visitors organically interested in the services/products of the business. In this context, a b2b directory plays a useful role. However, B2B listings empower you to produce more leads without extra expense. These b2b online directories, for example, Whitepages, Yellow Pages, or membership directories, can turn into an astounding source of sales leads.

Furthermore, these b2b directories don’t only divide the businesses depending upon the niche/size/geographic location or other parameters. But also enroll the email details and contact numbers of various organizations, allowing the viewers to utilize the information for cold-calling campaigns or email marketing.


Web directories are incredible for a couple of reasons. As you know, the organizations listed there are usually categorized by size, niche, geographical area, and different parameters; plus, many web directories will offer you personal contact details with the websites. However, once you have a rundown of online sites, you can also generate email lists by utilizing the bulk domain search or separately using email finder tools. In short, you can understand the whole process, like more directories, which means more business means more websites means more leads.


Numerous organizations put a small number of dollars on B2B leads lists, but after some time, they realize that you can’t discover prospects in niche markets from these provided lists sold by its merchants.

Then what are we going to do?

Well, you have left no other choice except to communicate with individuals with specific job titles manually. You have to create a list of firms to find out who may be the leader and, afterward, devise different techniques to discover and reach them. It is a tedious and annoying test.

Regardless of whether you use a couple of individuals, creating B2B sales leads manually would be a horrendously slow procedure. This is the time a B2B lead generation programming; for example, LeadGrabber Pro can be convenient.


  1. CitySquares: This directory allows you to search by cities and industries effortlessly. It has been on the market for almost ten years now.
  2. Angie’s List: It is a kind of directory focusing on home-based services. In case your target audience is companies within the roofing, plumbing, heating, electrical, or remodelling industries, they just do not hesitate to try Angie’s List for lead generation.
  3. Yelp: It’s so simple. In case your targeted audience is small businesses, then initiate with Yelp. It is one of the leading directories of US-based small companies online.
  4. Com: It is somehow a premium channel to grow local business. However, such outcomes look a bit messy, but you can get to use it.
  5. Yellow Pages: The topmost web directory with most small US-based organizations. Alongside Yelp, Yellow Pages is perhaps the most significant directory visited by 60 million clients monthly. The main drawback of its small-fitness focus is that the odds of gathering.
  6. USCity: Old is gold. This directory is one of the oldest in the market. The outcomes of searching are not just loaded as a list but also highlighted on the map that is always on the right side of the machine.
  7. Fave: One more directory that displays local businesses on the map.
  8. Kompass: This one is not only focused on the US. It also covers more of medium and enterprise business.
  9. Yellow Pages Directory: One more decent source of small US-based businesses that are segmented by states, countries, and cities.
  10. Merchant Circle: Well, the best choice for local merchants and businesses. The best thing about this directory is that it also covers one person’s businesses and individual professionals.


However, The B2B listings support you in exhibiting your brand where you can discover target clients. All of these directories effectively rank for SERPs. In this way, you can produce more leads and enhance the interest of your business without burning your valuable time and money. No doubt they are worthy, and you must have to try it.