Ever Tried to Do Reverse Email Lookup? A Guide to Choose Best One!

By Bulk Mail Verifier | 11/9/2023, 10:31:33 PM

There may be many reasons for a reverse email search. With the spectacular growth in the number of internet users, curses like email abuse, stalking, spamming, etc., are also increasing simultaneously. And, it becomes quite essential to find the individual behind the email address when you get an email from an unknown sender.

The temptation to know, “Whose email is this?” may lead you to reverse email lookup search on Google or other search engines. However, the various search engines may help you only if the person has previously used that email address in their user profile on any social media, blog/website, public forum, etc. If the unknown sender hasn’t used his email at any such place, your best reverse email search keeps hanging in the middle. Thus, it becomes quite challenging to find the individual behind the email address.

Structuring bridges with leads is a tough job when all you have is their email IDs. To create a meaningful connection, you must have more information about the lead without directly asking them.

And there, you need an email reverse search tool – you can use several methods and services to search for additional info on the lead using just their email ID.


A reverse email lookup app is a tool that helps search for an individual’s detailed data/information using only their email ID. The operating principle is basic: you just type the email address you want to search, then wait for the tool to start searching and, after that, collect the outcomes. The tool provides you with all of the public information that is available on the web,

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Phone numbers
  • Social media profiles
  • Country/Locality
  • Photos, etc.


There are numerous methods and tools that you can use to identify a sender’s identity using their email. However, we will list them down. These tools work with any email service provider, including Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Rediff mail, and mail with customizing domain names. Among them, reverse email lookup Gmail is the most popular one. It all depends on your goals and resources that, which will be the best option for you. So always choose according to your resources and goals.


Seeing how individuals happily share their personal info on Facebook, it is the best place to find data about. However, Facebook’s search box permits you to search for folks using their email ID. You only have to do a Copy and paste of the email ID in Facebook’s search window and click the search button. Even, If a sender is consuming the same email ID for their Facebook account, then their name will appear in the search result. You can check out the sender’s pictures and necessary information. However, there is one disadvantage of this method. Since Facebook’s privacy setting permits users to disallow individuals from searching for them using email ID, you might not get a proper result.

Still, it’s an informal and free method from where you can start your search. Like Facebook, other social media sites, including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, also allow you to search for individuals using their email ID. Most possibly, you will find the sender’s details using at least one of these social media platforms.

The Pipl, Social Catfish, Spokeo, EmailSherlock, and Spokeo reverse email service are the most popular search services. However, all of them are paid, but Pipl offers you a free one-by-one search. Moreover, each reverse search tool provides several features depending on your chosen plan. One of the scams of paid services is that you won’t find out if the search is successful until you pay.


Probably among the best ways to keep track of all the emails that you are receiving and the folks who are sending them is by using a dedicated email client that routinely extracts the sender’s info and displays it right beside the email.

Mac users should consider using Polymail. This fantastic email client shows the email holder’s profile right next to their email ID. MailBird is an excellent substitute for Microsoft Outlook for Windows users. It’s undoubtedly, the best email client for extracting and presenting the sender’s info. You don’t have to go somewhere to practice a sophisticated search. All the details that you wanted to know are right there.


Another way to best email lookup is by using browser extensions. Many browser extensions can help you find the sender’s info when you open the email in your browser. One such useful extension was called Rapportive, now known as LinkedIn Sales Navigator, after it was acquired by the company back in 2012. The extension provides you with data about the sender right beside your email.

You can also use FullContact for reverse email lookup in spokeoGmail or Sidekick as an alternative.

Although all of them are tremendous and user-friendly email lookup tools, they are usually a bare-bones services with limited options. Besides, some of them require a paid plan, which isn’t great when you only need to check a couple of email addresses.


If the tools mentioned above do not work, and you still don’t want to bother the sender about who they are, you have one last resort to find their identity. There are numerous reverse email finder or reverse people search engines that allow you to find out the data about someone by just using their email ID. However, one drawback of using a reverse email lookup service is that usually, they are paid.

The services mentioned, reverse email lookup spokeo, and more. All of them pay different search parameters; hence, the outcomes will vary depending on the service you are using.

The best free reverse email lookup methods labeled here are legal since the records are public. However, there are so many situations where you might need to use one or more of the practices described. Most of the time, real scammers/spammers and persons who send phishing email messages are smart enough to hide behind temporary email IDs or even proxies and VPNs. In such cases, it might not be very good to find the actual identity of the email sender, or the procedure might require legal backing.

Reverse email search tools and methods come in many shapes and forms, making it easy for any business to enrich its data and create better-targeted campaigns. And better targeting means better conversions.