Frequently asked Questions

Right now we are supporting the following formats.
1- TXT
2- CVS

Yes, we do have an API but its currently provided to customers who request for it.

We offer a free trial of 1000 credits, which means you can check 1000 emails using our service to test drive the quality and speed.

If you are a marketer or you have a list of your client’s email. You need to make sure those customers are still using those emails. 1 option is to send them an email and find out if the email gets delivered. That option is risky as if you have thousands of emails and if you get few bounce backs. You will end up losing your domain reputation and all your emails will be marked as spam. 2nd method is to clean the list using our service.

Bulk mail verifier app is designed intelligently, it has multiple layers of verification. The final step is to verify using SMTP to make sure email has an inbox and it can accept incoming mails.

The simple answer is no. We are a cloud-based service and our email cleaner does not use your IP address in any way.

Bulk mail verifier is an online email verification and email cleaning service that does not require any kind of installation. The entire process is done on our secure servers.

Our service is quite fast. You can verify thousands of emails in minutes. Roughly 10k of data would take roughly 10 to 15 minutes max.

If you have more data than 10 Million emails. We can offer you a custom package with special pricing.

We have strict privacy and data security policy. We do not share your data with anyone. Your data is your property and no one else has the right to it.

We recommend cleaning your email list every 3 months. That would ensure that your list is healthy and there are no invalid or dead emails in your data.

We are based out in Canada, We serve customers from all over the globe.

Awesome, we are always here to help. You can drop us an email at support@bulkmailverifier.com or you can use live chat.

Yes, we do accept PayPal. Simply log in to your account, click on the purchase now. Select your desired package. Follow the steps online.

Well, to be honest, there are so many companies out there who claim to have 99% accuracy. We do not make those claims as it is not possible to have that accuracy. We stand somewhere between 97% to 98%.

What makes us better is our pricing. We are giving better speed and results with a price 5 times lower than in market.

We have simple and easy pricing. You can verify a 100k List for just $60. Other companies start from $150.

It’s very simple, just go to https://app.bulkmailverifier.com. Follow the steps online, we will send you a verification email to make sure you use your own email. Once you are signed up, we will need to verify your phone number. We will send you an OTP. Once you verify your phone, you will be redirected to your dashboard. If you do not get redirected. Simply logout and login again.

We can look after you, if you need help at any point just use our live chat option and one of our team members will assist you.